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Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Sunday, January 1st, 2012
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you All.

Merry Christmas everybody, hope you had a fantastic day, and hope your hangovers aren’t too bad from your new years celebrations.

Me and Jo had a wonderful Christmas, we spent most of the day over my parents (Nick *.ed) and was with my sister and brother, their partners and our nephews.

We then made a go of hosting a Christmas dinner for both our parents a couple of days later. We also invited my sister Emma and her partner Garth. Jo did most of the cooking, and me cleaning (lol) and it was a huge success. No food poisoning, and everyone said it was excellent. So we now know who is cooking Christmas dinner next year then, eh Jo? Haha.

We spent new years eve over Nicks parents, and saw in the new year watching the fireworks on the television. They were pretty spectacular, but with the whole world going into a deep dark hole of debt and crisis, was it really so important to have 15 minutes of non stop fireworks that were going off in such huge amounts you couldn’t even distinguish between all the different kinds.Oh well, I suppose it’s a good thing, and lifts people spirits.

We are now sitting round Jo’s Nans house on this, new years day 2012. We have had a Fantastic lunch and now watching films on the tv.

Happy new year everyone. 🙂

Nick and Jo xxxx


Colchester Zoo 23/04/2011

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Easter Holiday Colchester Zoo Trip

Well I gotta say, it was only half a day in Colchester Zoo but it was a fantastic day.
With the weather apparently hotter than the Sahara desert yesterday, it was the perfect time for Ryan and Becky to grab the ol’ “radio flyer” cart for Levi, and head for the zoo.

seeing all the animals, you could tell it was hot as most of them, including the reptiles and lions to name a couple were either flaked out sleeping, or laying in the cool shade.

Levi seemed to have enjoyed himself, with no upsets and really looking quite pleased after seeing the fish and other animals.
I myself really enjoyed the exhibits, especially the new area of Colchester Zoo, still under development, which is the nature area. It has got walkway one finished and walkway two still under construction.
It showed the sorts of wildlife you can expect to see in your garden, as well as awareness and also how to encourage them into your garden.

How to attract Butterflies into your garden.

did you know you can create a sugar solution that will attract butterflies into your garden by adding four parts water to one part sugar in a bottle cap, and leave it, which should encourage them.

The only downside to the day was I managed to lose my cigarettes after running to try and retrieve Levis hat that he had decided not to wear anymore and drop it out the buggy, somewhere near the elephant enclosure, which left me absolutely knackered.
I managed to retrieve it, and got welcomed back to an Ice cream that Ryan had bought for me, and it went down a treat. 🙂

Leaving the park by 6’o’clock it was still baking hot, and we had to leave the car doors open for a while before getting back in.
Oh and before I wrap up this entry, can I make a suggestion.. If your going to eat out here, you must go to “Southern Fried Chicken” next to the monkey house, as their food is great. It’s relatively cheap, even though looking at the menu it looks bad price wise £4.00 + per meal, their portion size is real value for money, and they do the “go large for 40p more.. Great times.